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Cafe and Beer

Stories around the world. 

Our first Airbnb in Switzerland

In our last trip through Switzerland we decided to stop in Basel. It was just too nice a summer day to return to Germany. Recently we are in well-deserved retirement and we decided to enjoy our lives as long as possible with travel. Our children recently showed us an app that allows us to rent strangers' apartments easily from our telephone, and the Wupp Inge, my wife, booked us a nice little apartment in the center of Basel. Everything is completed directly online including the payment and so it came that we only met with the landlady, took the keys, brought our luggage in the apartment and made us fresh.
It was late afternoon and we both got hungry when we left our nice apartment and we decided on a small nice italian restaurant. Fortunately, they are open all day long. We both had spaghetti pasta and a glass of chianti. Are there better moments to live out your pension?
Unfortunately, I must confess, yes, because I forgot my purse and hurried back to the apartment to get it. On some days, the worm is just in there, you might think, because when I wanted to open the apartment, the key broke in the lock. Ouch.
I quickly grabbed the phone and called our landlady who in turn is now also traveling. She calms me down by saying a key service and I should just go back to the restaurant and have an espresso or another glass of wine for so long.
A bit excited I am already but it took less than 10 minutes as the Schluesseldienst Basel picked me up to let me into the apartment. I've never been in the position to hire a locksmith, but I was surprised how fast it is possible for a professional to open the door and exchange a lock. 10 minutes later, it was actually 20, we had a new bunch of keys, my purse and the owner his money.
What a day. A key service is indeed a fancy service that brought us a great story to tell. Just a normal stopover in Basel.

100 Brands but only one Beer 

If you have traveled several times to a hotel complex facilities, it may well be that there are beer varieties at the bar which you have never heard of and worse about which you also find nothing on the internet.
So also this time in Mallorca. It was one of those days when the weather was so unpredictable that it seemed the most sensible to just go to the hotel bar, go to the water and back and enjoy some cocktails and beers. The day was so beautiful the day was so beautiful he was and the hours went by and I started to philosophize with Hans the bartender about beers when he invited me to blind tasting. Our tasting went over beer exclusively.
As enjoyable as it was, it was so difficult to distinguish between certain beers and I asked Hans, stunned: "Do you serve me different beers or several times the same?"
Hans answered with a broad smile: "Everything was different beers and yet some were the same."
He looked puzzled and said: Many of the different beers and beer brands I drank in the last few days all come from one and the same brewery. And although I subjectively chose one of the unknown beer as my favorite, it was the décor of the label which led me to subjectively choose a winner from the same beers.

Perplexed by this experiment, I started to look for Contract Brewer on the Web and found information at My contact person there was Claudio, a nice young guy who confirmed my experience in Mallorca. Diverse hotel chains, buy one and the same beer and label it differently. Especially in all inclusive hotel with your calculation not much game, for which it is the perfect thing to do. A brand, named differently and no stress in tapping, because anyway everything is the same. One is a bright, another a Pils and a third a premium to cover all walks of life.

Did I feel ripped off? At first yes, at second thought no. I wanted a beer, I got a beer. I had an all inclusive offer and still the feeling of choice. I even chose my favorite. All in all, I had a great time with great service in a great hotel with good beer.

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